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Be a Good Neighbor. Sign the pledge to stay home.

Maybe you stay home for your parents or grandparents or to protect the people who work in frontline healthcare. Whatever your reasons, join us and sign this pledge to let others know that you’re doing your part to be a Good Neighbor.

The data shows that staying at home is working. By supporting Governor Evers’ “Safer at Home,” we’re directly responsible for saving lives across Wisconsin. We’re keeping frontline workers safe, and making sure no nurse, doctor, or janitor is unnecessarily put in harm’s way. We are Wisconsinites. We are Good Neighbors.

We all want to get back to normal life, but our commitment to staying home is reducing the spread of the coronavirus in our communities. And flattening the curve first is how we will safely restart our economy. We support Governor Evers’ Safer at Home, and we pledge to stay home and keep Wisconsin safe & healthy. We pledge to be Good Neighbors.

The Good Neighbor Wisconsin Project gives Wisconsinites like us, doing our part to keep ourselves, our families, and our communities safe, an opportunity to speak out in support of efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19. Especially at this moment, as we watch fear and anger-driven protests endangering lives.

We know we can’t risk undoing all of the progress we’ve made these past several weeks. Governor Evers has a plan based on data and the input of health experts to start reopening Wisconsin businesses safely. We can’t rush this - if we do, all of the work we’ve put in to flatten the curve will dissipate. Reducing the health risks by staying home is how we start rebuilding the economy.

All of us are feeling the frustration, fear, and uncertainty right now. But we know that strength, courage, and resolve in the face of adversity is what makes Wisconsin so special. We will come through this together, by acting together, and by being Good Neighbors.

We hope you’ll join us and take action — sign the Good Neighbor Pledge and share it with your friends and neighbors.

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